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Nov 19

Beginners in the Digital Humanities

On Saturday, November 9, Washington University in St. Louis hosted a lively (and successful?) THATCamp: THATCamp St. Louis, 2013. One of the first sessions combined two suggested topics: “Beginners in the Digital Humanities” and “Subject Librarian DH boot camp,” which I volunteered to co-facilitate with Twyla Gibson. I hope that discussing some of the broad …

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Nov 18

THATCamp’s magic

Thanks to all who attended and who organized, especially the thoughtful and thorough Olin Library staff. There’s always some kind of magic at a THATCamp, including the mystery that there will never be enough information to know in advance about all the good sessions, everyone will always miss some good ones, yet that uncertainty is …

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Nov 14

Session notes from THATCampSTL

We want to thank everyone who participated in and lead sessions at THATCampSTL. You all made it a great day!

Nov 06

Unstructured Data – storage, analysis and visualization of big data

Relational databases (RBDMS) have a well defined role to play in the digital humanities. It is recognized that the rows and columns of a well-designed database can provide valuable insight to data. However, as datasets continue to move towards the realm of “big data”, the overhead cost of processing complex indexes needed to support defined …

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Nov 05

Potential Literature

If Zane Gray wrote business textbooks: Obviously, these standards enter into the valley lilies; he knew himself in this country in our ideals and our policies for educating future business executive requires those fine qualities of mind that Oldring’s intimidations of the herd jest as Lassiter did. If Milton rhymed: And do they only stand …

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Nov 05

Databases Before Digital

Among the many cultural heritage materials that are now in digital form are things that were organized as “data” in some sense even before they were digital: reference works, indexes, directories, concordances, censuses, inventories, card catalogues, etc. I’ve worked on several projects that make some use of such materials, and they present interesting challenges, practical …

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May 31


THATCamp STL is being planned! The event will be hosted at Washington University in St. Louis. The date is November 9, 2013. More details will be published here when known. If you are interested or have questions, please contact us.

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