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Attribution and Collaboration

I am pretty sure there are no technological hurdles left to crowdsourcing everything. As digital editions and big data projects begin to allow deeper access to their processes, citing the contributions made by those from whom you have lifted already … Continue reading

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Interface Design is a Waste of Time

When I first began work in Digital Humanities, I was too ignorant to anticipate how often I would be told this as a developer. So often, it turns out, that I’d like to start an argument. It seems that a … Continue reading

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XML, OAC, RDF, JSON-LD and the king stood: the universe is metadata

The Open Annotation Collaboration published a data model in February that should be recognized as disruptive. JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data whose 1.0 specifications landed November 5th (Tuesday) is another in a cluster of W3C standards that show digital objects … Continue reading

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Blurring the Boundaries Between Scholarship, Teaching, and Community Outreach Through Digitial Media

The concept of collaborative scholarship has generated tremendous excitement among digital humanists.  Much of the discussion has been restricted to the transformative impact of social media on the process and output of academic research.  This session will extend the dialogue … Continue reading

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The Contribution of Spatial Humanities to Scholarship

The application of GIS mapping to humanities research has been recognized as a primary catalyst for what has been termed the “spatial turn” in humanities scholarship.  Despite tremendous excitement about the power of visualization to expose heretofore hidden relationships and … Continue reading

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