Monica Swindle


I am currently a full-time instructor at St. Louis Community College at Wildwood in the English Department. I have an M.A. in English, a Graduate Gender Studies Certificate, and a Certificate in University Teaching from the University of Missouri St. Louis. My scholarly focus is divided between Gender Studies (specifically feminist and gender theory, Girls' Studies, and Gender and Literature/Cultural Studies with a focus on technological cultural forms) and Composition, including Developmental English Education and online learning. At the University of Missouri St. Louis, I advocated for and designed the core Gender Studies courses for the newly offered online Gender Studies certificate, and I regularly incorporate technology into my scholarship and teaching in innovative ways. I am also an avid video game player and a fan of technology, and I sought out intersections between these interests both scholarly and pedagogical. My opinion on Slavoj Žižek is that my money would be on Jean Baudrillard in a bar fight, whether figurative or literal, and I have been playing Minecraft entirely too much lately to have a respectable Galaga score worth reporting.