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In the last few years, Saint Louis University has generated some great tools and projects for research. At the least, I am willing to share T-PEN our tool for transcription of digital images and discuss/demo the Tradamus tool that is forthcoming (April 2014) that seeks to be a modular, but end-to-end solution for creating a digital edition.

Probably, I will also talk about vHMML, which is an online resource for learning coming out in Spring, and a few other projects I can’t commit to text, but cannot keep secret.

In a perfect conference, these demos will only serve to show what chasms are left in tool development as I seek to find the next great need and expand these tools into other fields.

Every project I have worked on has been in collaboration with at least two other institutions and began with a sturdy “This would be cool, if it were not impossible” conversation. I want to finish another one of those conversations, but I would be happy to start one.

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About Patrick Cuba

While working in student development, surrounded by "people persons," I discovered that I am a "process person." The goal of the Center for Digital Humanities (Digital Theology, at the time) were refreshing and motivating - designing tools to accelerate the human intellect into the decisions for which technology cannot be the solution. My first project with the team was T-PEN ( where I was able to cut my teeth on Interface Design and become a confident "front-end guy." My academic interests have always been comfortably in the humanities, especially the ways in which language allows us to better interact with each other. This lifelong curiosity has dovetailed well with my current employment - enabling humans to interact reliably with the technology that ought to be helping make life easier.

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