Top Ten Topics for THATCampSTL

I’ve been reading all your registration blurbs and I decided to compile a list of the most recurring themes or comments I encountered. Here’s what I am calling our Top Ten Topics.

  1. Learning the basics of digital humanities
  2. Communicating and collaborating with others
  3. Talking about your specific projects (topics vary wildly and that’s awesome!)
  4. Scholarship and education on digital humanities for the classroom
  5. Oddball hacks/tools to make digital humanities easier
  6.  Understanding the needs of digital humanities/humanists
  7. Making our collections talk to one another
  8. Literature, literary history, and history in the digital humanities realm
  9. Specific tools/coding such as: OMEKA, TEI
  10. Institutional Repositories

How many of you are preparing sessions around these topics?

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