Session proposal: Digital Humanities Boot Camp for Subject Librarians

I have heard a need expressed among subject librarians and subject specialists for a “Digital Humanities Boot Camp” that would give attendees enough of a background/overview of digital humanities technologies, projects, etc., to talk about the current state of the field with interested faculty.  There are lots of examples of 2-3 day hands-on, immersive workshops, but the specific need I’ve heard described is more like a series of 1-2 hour sessions on overview topics.  During this session, I’d like to brainstorm ideas for inclusion & organize them into a logical format that any participant could take back and use as a roadmap for creating a boot camp on their campus.

To be clear, this is not a workshop where attendees will go through a DH Boot Camp!  This is a session to outline what ideas, technologies, and learning objectives a DH Boot Camp for Subject Librarians would need to cover.

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  1. Daron Dierkes says:

    I’ve been going through the historiography of the digital humanities with UMSL historian Andrew Hurley, and of all the books we’ve read the recent Debates in the Digital Humanities has emerged as one of the best broad survey texts. The entire thing is available online here: or you could buy the book.

    A central theme of the book is what should and should not be considered part of the digital humanities. How does one define the field? What on Earth does that mean? Why are we doing this and where are we going?

    It’s a start.

  2. Chris Freeland says:

    To recap, this session got combined with a “Beginner’s Guide to Digital humanities” session. Not sure we fully explored all of the possibilities with participants, but did come away with a framework of what topics would be necessary to cover:

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